Week 9 Workbook Activity – Reflection

Firstly, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this course. Throughout my two years of studying I have come across many courses that have been of great interest to me; however, not one has been as fun as this. Being an external student is very hard sometimes because it is easy to lose motivation; however, this course was the boost of motivation I needed in order to happily spend my weekend studying, so thank you.

Although I found all activities interesting and fun to undertake, there were only a select few that I believe were useful to my learning. The first activities I found helpful were those conducted in week one. By analysing Julia Gillard’s voice I was able to identify the importance of voice and how it can effect how people perceive a certain message. This activity also allowed me to notice elements within my own voice that needed improving before I attempted my first delivery of the news release.

The second lot of activities that contributed to my overall learning were undertaken in week two. The activities included; defining a professional voice and identifying the emphasis within a professional news read. I found these activities most useful because they gave me a helping in hand in determining what I needed to improve in my initial recording of the news release. By defining a professional voice I was able to identify certain elements that my voice and speech lacked. By listening to Kate Stowell’s professional read of the new release I was able to highlight and identify a pattern of emphasis that should be maintained throughout the read. This allowed me to hear what my recording should reflect. All of these learning were then applied to my second news release recording in week four.

In week four I conducted my second recording of the news release and it was great to hear some evident improvements. This was not only due to my learning’s in week two but also those gained from the information with Week four’s study guide. This study guide consisted of tips to improve nerves, articulation of words, voice, projection, breathing, resonance, gesture, posture and eye contact. At the end of the guide I had a full understanding of the technical aspects of speech and the impacts performance has on speech. By gaining this new found knowledge I was able to turn some of my speech weaknesses into strengths and thoroughly critique my voice.

Week six activities helped me substantially. These activities included completing a PAIBOC in regards to assignment two and conducting an impromptu speech. The PAIBOC system was a great way of initiating thought processes and ideas on how to go about starting assignment two. I believe this activity allowed me to better understand the assignment activities in week eight and nine. Conducting an impromptu speech in front of the camera allowed me to build confidence in speaking and also practice my impromptu skills and techniques. This experience helped me control my nerves before the piece to camera in week seven. I believe it was due to this activity as to how and why my piece to camera was so successful.

I believe week eight and nine’s activities were fantastic ideas because they allowed me to become even more familiar with the elements of assignment two a lot earlier than the final submission date. As I have mentioned above, being an external student posses many issues and the most important one being my lack of motivation. By completing both week eight and nine’s activities I was successful in producing a full draft of assessment two. These activities not only motivated me to complete a draft but also were successful in helping raise my level of confidence in regards to the aspects of the assignment. Personally, more courses throughout my degree should have activities like this because they would definitely help external student’s, like myself, complete drafts a lot earlier then the week before final submission.

At this stage of the course I feel that my understanding of speaking and script writing has improved. This is not only evident in my weekly voice and camera recordings but also my weekly blog posts. At the start of the term my reflections for each activity were quite short which reflected my poor amount of understanding in this area. However, as time went on each post become more detailed and informative because my understanding grew from week to week. Personally, I believe the only reason as to why I improved so much in my voice recordings was because of the course’s practical aspect. My improvements would have been vastly different if this course just consisted of theory. By reading the theory and then applying it to a practical situation, it enabled me to gain a further understanding of voice and speech in order to improve.

I loved the idea of a blog as I have always wanted to get into blogging by have never really got the time to sit down and start one. I love technology and its endless abilities; therefore, it was great to learn how to blog and navigate my way around WordPress. I also found it useful to add footage and photos to a post because it meant that all the information was in the one spot. My blogging journey was very beneficial to my learning because of its ability to retain all information posted. This meant that if I needed to refer to any of my previous activities in order to complete another I was able to scroll down my blog and have a look. Another benefit was being able to go back and edit a post. This aspect of the blog allowed my to correct any mistakes as many times as I desired simply by including an edit function. Personally, I also liked the fact that we were not just working with our blog but also programs like Mylisten and Youtube as well as other technology devices such as iphones, and camera recorders because this allowed me further my understanding and knowledge in these areas too.

My level of confidence for my final assignments is, proudly, quite high. By completing activities such as week eight and nine I was able to gain an adequate understanding of the elements within the assignment. I feel confident that the drafts I have produced throughout the past two weeks have been of a standard that meets the criteria. I hope to receive some constructive feedback to better my drafts in order to submit an assignment that I have complete confidence in. In regards to addressing some final concerns and issues, I find the best way is to keep in contact with my course coordinator about major issues as they know what the assignment entails. In saying this, I will also endeavor to utilise my textbook, search the web or look over my course notes for any other issues regarding assignment two.

Well I have to admit it’s quite sad to see this assignment come to an end because I enjoyed blogging that much! However, it is great to look back and see all the hard work and time I have dedicated to my blogging journey.


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