Week 9 Workbook Activity – Deliver the script

Below is a dry run through of the script conducted as if I were presenting on National Nine News, enjoy.


I believe I have come such a long way since the week one recording of the news script. So many elements have improved in regards to my speech, articulation of words, tone and emphasis. In saying this, I still believe there is still room for improvement with my timing and pace of my speech.

This audio visual script was meant to run for 1 minute; however, the recording of my introductory par nearly took the full one minute. To be honest, I am always a little afraid to speed up my pace because I fall into the habit of not articulating my words properly. I find that the more I pace my speech the clearer my speech becomes; however, it is at the risk of my recording going overtime, so really it’s a catch 22. The only way I can better my delivery of speech is to practice. For the final assignment I would love a faster pace delivery without affecting the articulation of my words.

This will come down to two elements which includes breathing and pausing. I still find that when I delivery a speech I pause in between sentences. After analysing many hard news programs, I have realised that presenters only give a short pause after each par. I need to practice being fluent when delivering each par and only pause when each par is complete. Mastering my breathing will allow me to successfully articulate my words when I quicken the pace of my reading. I could simply determine and maintain a breathing pattern that allows my to take a breathe before a I pronounce a large or difficult word in order for me to have enough breath to articulate it correctly. Hopefully by establishing these elements I will be able to better my delivery before I submit my final assessment.


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