Week 7 Workbook Activity – Piece to camera practice

Below is a video recording of my piece to camera. Please disregard me walking on set and off as I didn’t have anyone to press the record button for me, enjoy!


I belive that I have, through practice, attained a standard level of confidence when speaking in front of the camera. Throughout the the term I have learnt so many aspects in regards to improving my speech.  For this activity I applied most of my learnings which evidently helped with my ‘camera nerves’, my breathing and speaking pace. I can proudly say that I feel completely confident in front of the camera and it as been a result of simplying practicing new techniques and implying what I have learnt. Although I am happy with the way I am speaking there are a couple little things I can still work on in terms of bettering my overall performace. The first element would have to be the loudness and projection of my voice. Although my speech was clear I would have liked for it to be louder. This can be achieved by undertaking some projection activities and simplying practicing my speech a different levels of loudness. I was actually very suprised when looking back over this piece to camera on how akward and out of place some of my body gestures look, in particular, my hands and head.  Despite hands being good directional tools, I don’t think it looks too professional when they are placed in front of you in the middle of a piece to camera. Thus, I may need to practice placing them beside my body when I am not using them as a form of nonverbal communication. Another element is the movement of me head. I find that when I emphasis my words my head moves either to the side or towards the camera; therefore, I will need to learn to emphasis my words while keeping my head still. Despite these weaknesses only being minor, I believe that with practice I will be able to make my piece to camera to look more professional.


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