Week 3 Workbook Activity – Review an argument

This video was created ultimately to dispel negative perception of the concept,
defend the study of rhetoric and to answer the old aged question of, ‘what is rhetoric?’1

There a number of key arguments throughout this video. One of the main points that had quite a lot of emphasis was what the term ‘rhetoric’ meant. The video made evident that rhetoric was the study of the technique of using language effectively as well as the art of finding the available means of persuasion in each case.

The other key arguments implied that ‘rhetoric’ applies to everyone in society as people use this term, without realising, when they talk, draw pictures, go for a job interview or even those people who cannot talk or choose not too. Dr Randy Nichols states ‘We choose what to say and how to say it for the purpose of getting someone to believe, understand or agree therefore rhetoric happens in every communication aspects.’2

The video then went on to discuss what individuals can gain from familiarising themselves with the term ‘rhetoric’. One argument was that those who attain some knowledge in rhetoric can help them breakdown the components of language and an argument. Whereas, an education is rhetoric, can enhance an individuals communication and presentation skills, prepare an individual to enter the work force and make a person more self conscious of their practices so that they can tailor them to a wide variety of situations because it is not a matter of one size fits all.

1Clemson English, “In defense of rhetoric video”, YouTube. Online video clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYMUCz9bHAs&feature=youtu (accessed July 20, 2012)


Please note: YouTube clips do not feature in the reference list according to the Turanbian referencing table found at https://www.avondale.edu.au/Departments::Library::Endnote_Turabian.pdf


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