Week 2 Workbook Activity – Emphasis in Professional News Reading

There was a lot of evident emphasis throughout Kate Stowell’s reading of the news script1. I found that Kate emphasised the start and end of each sentence which was most evident before and after each ‘grab interview’. It was also noted that there was a lot of emphasis put on numbers. For example “…after seventeen days of negotiations with the three independent MP’s2″. Emphasis was also put on people’s last names and even words before that were positioned before a comma. Although this may sound like a lot it really added to the consistent flow of speech and it is very effective in engaging and maintaining a listener’s attention.


In terms of my recording, I was a bit over the top in that I would try and emphasise my words all the time. This didn’t create a consistent read and if it wasn’t for my pauses many listeners might not have recognised when one story finished and another started. I also noticed that I spoke faster then I should have which affected the articulation of my words whilst Kate read at a consistence pace and very clearly so the audience could understand the intended message. After hearing Kate, it just shows that my voice is probably not meant for a radio. Has anyone notice how all radio presenters have distinct voices ?

1Kate Stowell Radio, “News reading sample”, YouTube, Online video clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-qKDbNz2YI (accessed July 15).


Please note: YouTube clips do not feature in the reference list according to the Turanbian referencing table found at https://www.avondale.edu.au/Departments::Library::Endnote_Turabian.pdf


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