Week 2 Workbok Activity – What makes a great speech?

So what makes a great speech?

A great speech consists of many different elements; however, as stated on the ‘Hart of Manliness Blog1,’ for a speech to be classed as great, it needs to include three very important elements; style, impact and substance1.

Style refers to the way the speech is written2. It must be constructed very carefully with a lot of thought. Every speech has a purpose by a great speech will use its structure to covey this purpose effectively. By having an effective structured speech, it increases the chances of staying on theme while decreasing the possibility of going off on a tangent. A great speech should never go off on a tangent because it will fail to inspire the audience’s finest values and beliefs.

Substance refers to the depth of the speech3. A great speech must connect with its audience and this can be achieved by including words that give the speech emotion, expression and meaning. It is simple, the more meaning a speech has through the words it uses, the more depth it will have increasing it’s chances to connect with its audience.

Impact refers to the way in which the speech persuades the audience4. Great speeches have the ability to persuade audiences of huge numbers, allowing people to forget what’s going on around them and only focusing on the words coming from the speaker’s mouth. If a speech has impact then it will be sure to change the audience’s hearts and minds on a certain topic.

If an ordinary speech is revamped with the inclusion of style, substance and impact then it increases its chances of becoming a great speech.

1Brett and Kate McKay, comment on ”The 35 greatest speeches in history”, The Art of Manliness Blog, comment posted on August 01, 2008, http://www.scribd.com/doc/20913000/The-35-Greatest-Speeches (accessed July 15, 2012)


Art of Manliness Blog, http://www.scribd.com/doc/20913000/The-35-Greatest-Speeches (accessed July 15, 2012).


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