Week 2 Study Guide Activity – ‘The 35 Greatest Speeches of All Time’

Despite being very manly orientated these speeches all deserved to be on this list. All these speeches, as stated on the website, were complied by referring to three specific elements including; style, substance and impact1. Although these speeches have all these elements there is one speech that comes to mind that is not on the list. Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I Have A Dream’ was a very powerful speech that had a great deal of style, impact and substance. I am very surprised that I did not see this on there. This was also stated by many people who commented on the blog. Did anyone feel as though another speech deserved to be on that list?

Honestly I am only familiar with a couple of speakers. Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan as these men all very famous, some infamous but are all currently spoken about throughout school english and history classess. Despite being familiar with these speakers,sadly, I am not familiar with their speeches.

1Brett and Kate McKay, comment on “The 35 greatest speeches in history”, The Art of Manliness Blog, comment posted on August 01, 2008, http://www.scribd.com/doc/20913000/The-35-Greatest-Speeches (accessed July 15, 2012)


Art of Manliness Blog, http://www.scribd.com/doc/20913000/The-35-Greatest-Speeches (accessed July 15, 2012).


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