Week 2 Study Guide Activity – Nick Vujicic Video + Fletcher Dean’s Five Key Components

I think the blurb in week two’s activity notes is right is saying “Nick is a great speakers however you wouldn’t find him on a ‘great speech’ list1.Nick is a motivational speaker who shares his life stories to young children to motivate and to try and teach them some life lessons2. This speech had some substance and will most definitely have and impact o his audience; however it lacks style.

In regards to Fletcher Dean’s five key components3, Nick ultises mos of them well but some of them poorly. Firstly, Nick didn’t over-rely on a PowerPoint at all instead his used objects such as a tennis balls and music to connect with the audience. Secondly, it was evident that ther was much focus was on the auidence when the speech was conveyed. I say this because the intended message was conveyed  through humour and actions which are two elements the children appreciate and take great interest in. The audience was more focused on his presentation and action involved them. Thirdly, Nick mastered the use of ancedotes. In fact, most of his speech included ancedotes which were effective in engaging with his auidence. For example, Nick itroduced himself and why he was speaking through an ancedote which was successful in attracting and maintaining the auidence’s attention right from the beginning. Fourthly, the speech was in fact simple and clear whilst still having a high level of excitement. Lastly, the structure of the speech, however, was not implemented very well. It being very unusual to see a motivational speaker stand up with a script in their hands; however, you don’t need a script in front of you for a speech to be structured.  Motivational speakers should have enough experience to ‘work’ the stage and structure their speech as they go. Nick’s speech did consist of a small introduction but after that it just went wherever the audience took it. By this I mean, if the auidence applauded one of Nick’s jokes then he would say another. Personally, I believe Nick’s motivational speech did show a little inexperience. In some situations going with the flow can work and in other is does not. Despite this, Nick was successful in meeting some of Fletcher Dean’s five key components; however I belive to be on the ‘Greatest Speech List’ he will need to incorporate all five with the structure component being the most important.

1Kate Ames, 2012, COMM12033 Lession 2: perspectives on speech:studyguide, CQUniversity, Gladstone.
2Official Numan 2011, “Nick Vujicic – DVD Part 1/11”, YouTube. Online video clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snDQe3tWwRQ&feature=related (accessed July 15, 2012).


Ames Kate 2012, COMM12033 Lession 2: perspectives on speech:studyguide, CQUniversity, Gladstone.

Please note: YouTube clips do not feature in the reference list according to the Turanbian referencing table found at https://www.avondale.edu.au/Departments::Library::Endnote_Turabian.pdf


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