Week 1 Workbook Activity – News Release

This is my recording for the news release, enjoy!


In terms of my voice, my only strengths would be that I have a reasonably loud voice with a stern tone and when reading the news script my voice did demonstrate some emphasis at the start and end of most sentences.

Unfortunately my weaknesses definately outweigh my stengths. The one area in which I need to work on is my breathing. I find that I don’t maintain a regular breathing pattern which causes a variation in my pace of speech. Without a breathing technique I find that I run out of breath which is evident in a recording like this. If I can control my breathing than I will be able to control my talking speed while conducting public speaking or presentation.

The pace at which I talk also affects the articulation of my words. I find the faster I talk the most tounge tied I get causing some words to be hard to understand. I definately need to learn to pace myself in order to concentrate on articulating my words.

I believe that my voice lacks femininity. It may not be evident to some people however it is my person opinion. I feel as though my voice is quite dry/bland and even dull at times with very little variation in tone. This may be something I can work on throughout this course however it wont be something I can master in 12 weeks.

I also believe that my voice when talking for long periods of time can become very bland and sometimes even boring causing people to zone out. I want to be able to learn to emphasise my voice throughout a long duration. This would ideally attract and maintiam the audiences attention.

Just for some laughs! I had to share this picture I found on facebook because it reflects exactly how I was thinking when I listened to this recording of my voice! I’m sure many of you can relate.


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