Week 1 Workbook Activity – Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Cullen and I am 19 years old and currently live in Gladstone, Queensland. After finishing high school I received a six year trainee at Gladstone Regional Council as a Professional Communications Trainee in the Communications and Marketing Department. As a part of this job I am currently studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication majoring in marketing part time at CQU Gladstone.

In terms of the job roles, I am responsible for all organisational videos and community notice boards. I help write media releases and stories for both the organisation’s internal and external publications and provide support for mayoral and councillor speech writing and. I am also currently the coordinator of the 2013 Australian Day Awards and Community Grants.

I am hoping, fingers crossed, that after my six year traineeship with Council I will further my career overseas, preferably in America, working in public relations. This has always been a dream of mine as there is nothing more enticing to me, career wise, than big city lights and large corporate companies.

I have come along since finishing high school back in 2010 and have found University not only challenging but also very rewarding. In terms of this course, I aim to achieve many things such as; improving the way in which I deliver and write speeches, my professionalism in my writing, and also my blogging skills! I hope all the students enrolled in this course find this course very rewarding and learn some new skills as I hope to do but most of all make sure you enjoy it!



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